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STEX is a multi cryptocurrency exchange platform. It provides users with the ability to trade (buy/sell) cryptocurrencies. The platform facilitates the circulation of cryptocurrencies through crypto-based instruments and determination of their market prices. STEX charges a 0.2% fee on finished orders.


Fees: Deposit Fees: -ETH - fee calculated; -ETH tokens - fee 0.007 ETH; -NXT - fee 2 NXT; -STEX - fee 4 NXT; -USDT - fee 0.002 BTC; -WAVES and assets - 0.002 WAVES; -Other coins or tokens are possible to see on tab, when the user clicks "deposit" opposite to user currency. Withdrawal Fees: -BTC - fee 0,001 - 0.002 BTC (sometimes network BTC is overload); -ETH - fee 0,005 ETH; -NXT - fee 2 NXT; -STEX - fee 4 NXT; -ALT - fee 0,003; -USDT - fee 0,002 BTC. Fee on finished orders is 0.1%.

Deposit methods:Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal methods:Cryptocurrencies.

Name: STEX
Website: Visit
Country: -

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