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You can trade Bitcoin and Etherium easier, faster, and more securely via Coinone exchange platform. Get pro chars, thorough security and grate deals.

Name: Coinone
Website: Visit
Country: KR

Coin One is a pin tech start-up that revolutionizes the financial system with block-chain technology.

We aim to become a virtual currency exchange where user convenience is our top priority.

The start of various services utilizing virtual money is the coin one bit coin exchange. 
Coin One is making the exchange with the user convenience as the top priority. 
Customized exchanges and coin circles that lower the barriers to entry into virtual currencies and view them from the customer's perspective.

I will not miss the exchange security

The Coin One development team, led by a security expert from a hacker in Korea, promises a thorough security of the exchange. 
Multi-Sig Wallet, 2FA, Cold Wallet, etc. There are various safety devices for safe exchange. 
Members only need to worry about transactions.

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