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Verge, also known as XVG is one of the crypto currencies available in world and it uses Multiple algorithm to secure transactions.
Verge has over N/A total coins that are not fully pre mined.
For more information see list bellow.

Name: Verge
Algorithm: Multiple
Proof type: PoW
Total coin supply: 16555000000
Average user review: 3

Market Data

Price: $0.04306322 ( -1.21968% )
Price 24h HIGH: $0.04696055
Price 24h LOW: $0.04244654
Market Cap: $ 704156600
24 Hour Volume: $ 40380558
Available Supply: 16555000000

VERGE prides itself on being a symbol of progression in the cryptocurrency world. It is a multi algorithm, secure, private, and evolving cryptocurrency, a ton of developer resources and privacy tools, and a huge knowledgeable community!.

You can find more info on on the official thread ( or live 24/7 community chat (!.

VERGE is the privacy focused & secure alternative to other cryptocurrencies.
VERGE is a symbol of privacy and progression in the altcoin industry.
VERGE can be mined using 5 different algorithms.
VERGE private networks span the entire GLOBE.

0 to 14,000: 200,000
14,000 to 28,000: 100,000
28,000 to 42,000: 50,000
42,000 to 210,000: 25,000
210,000 to 378,000: 12,500
378,000 to 546,000: 6,250
546,000 to 714,000: 3,125
714,000 to 2,124,000: 1,560
2,124,000 to 4,248,000: 730

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VERGE [XVG] Source Code here ->>> Total Supply Approximately total reward: 16.5 Billion Binary (pre-compiled) wallets are available on all platforms at


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