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Siacoin, also known as SC is one of the crypto currencies available in world and it uses Blake2b algorithm to secure transactions.
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Name: Siacoin
Algorithm: Blake2b
Proof type: PoW
Average user review: 4.75

Market Data

Price: $0.02718706 ( +5.90275% )
Price 24h HIGH: $0.02872778
Price 24h LOW: $0.02563624
Market Cap: $ 1299033708
24 Hour Volume: $ 120776918
Available Supply: -

Sia is a new decentralized cloud storage platform that radically alters the landscape of cloud storage. By leveraging smart contracts, client-side encryption, and sophisticated redundancy (via Reed-Solomon codes), 

Sia allows users to safely store their data with hosts that they do not know or trust. 
The result is a cloud storage marketplace where hosts compete to offer the best service at the lowest price. And since there is no barrier to entry for hosts, anyone with spare storage capacity can join the network and start making money.

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SC Market Price

Siacoin reviews

Overall rating: 4.75 | Total reviews: 2

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Poloniex has SC invest option.. maybe worth a try?

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Wow, this has big future :)


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