General Information

Golem Network Token, also known as GNT is one of the crypto currencies available in world and it has around 1000000000 total coins that are not fully pre mined.
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Name: Golem
Algorithm: N/A
Proof type: N/A
Total coin supply: 1000000000
Average user review: 5

Market Data

Price: $0.215187 ( -0.10066% )
Price 24h HIGH: $0.216836
Price 24h LOW: $0.170044
Market Cap: $ 214606939
24 Hour Volume: $ 8437406
Available Supply: 1000000000

With Golem, anyone will be able to rent their unused computing resources. Simultaneously, Golem will enable any user to buy computing time from other users to complete virtually any computationally demanding task. 

Consequently, Golem will create the first global market for idle computing power. 
Golem is a decentralized P2P network that uses Ethereum and smart contracts for transactions.

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GLM Market Price

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THIS HAS LARGE FUTURE!!!! One of the best, innovative blockchain tech!


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