General Information

Gamecredits, also known as GAME is one of the crypto currencies available in world and it uses Scrypt algorithm to secure transactions.
Gamecredits has over 84000000 total coins that are not fully pre mined.
For more information see list bellow.

Name: GameCredits
Algorithm: Scrypt
Proof type: PoW
Total coin supply: 200000000
Average user review: 4.5

Market Data

Price: $0.416652 ( +0.34125% )
Price 24h HIGH: $0.441874
Price 24h LOW: $0.40641
Market Cap: $ 30195893
24 Hour Volume: $ 3008755
Available Supply: 200000000

Game Payment Platform.

The Game Credits Team have begun specifying and sponsoring the creation of a new Game Payment Platform.

This platform will provide a simple and familiar gateway to cryptographic payments for Gamers and Game Developers alike. The platform will function as a secure online payment gateway and wallet, allowing users to frictionlessly manage their balances and instantly buy in-game content, whilst allowing Game Developers to seamlessly integrate and receive payments from, or issue payments to, their users.

GMC's Game Payment Platform is being developed in collaboration with like minded Crypto Projects, being built from the ground up to support multiple currencies, and to serve multiple purposes.

If you want to improve this contact us or leave a review with resources that would help other people to know more about GameCredits.

GAME Market Price

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