Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies

List of top best cryptocurrencies not based by its value but by technology under it software, team and the idea under it. Bitcoin, Etherium, Monero, Golem, Factom of course there are lot of other grate crypto currencies like dash and other. But this is our favorite list..


As first world crypto currency and inventor of blockchain technology Bitcoin is most valuable crypto currency right now and probably will be for most time, Bitcoin technology solved one big problem, duplication, replication and transparency, most of the digital currencies right now is build on bitcoins blockchain technology so you might say bitcoin tech is under almost all crypto currencies.

Bicoin has a huge support team and development team, so it keeps on involving and getting bigger, but with getting bigger there are some scalability issues that should be resolved.

Bitcoin is like digital gold, it was here and it will always be here!


Etherium has a grate team of developers and grate community and all of them are looking forewords to develop secure, transparent application that is free to use for everyone. As Etherium is powered b blockain technology you can sign contracts that can be transparent and private as well, you can even develop your own app over Etherium technology. As for now Etherium is second most valuable digital currency right after Bitcoin.

Etherium is decentralized transparent secure blochain technology.


Monero is one of the private blockchain technologies out here, it will keep your money transfer secrete and safe, as anonymity is important to Monero. Monero is untraceable currency and its open source freely available to all


Golem is build on top of Etherium and it's main goal is to serve as computer power rental service, for example if you have powerful computer you can rent it out so that other people can use your computer to complete task and you will receive money for that. Golem has a grate team and for Golem team even sky isn't the limit!


Factom has grate team and grate software that creates digital fingerprint so that digital documents stays private or you can create transparent digital records what everyone can see and view and know that you can be trusted! Lot of big companies uses this blockchain technology to secure they data.
Create safe,secure, private an honest world with Factom!

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