How to buy Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

How to buy Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

If you want to buy or sell bitcoins or other crypto currencies first you will need a wallet. Bitcoin wallet is like digital real wallet, it stores your money in it. You can get wallet on services listed in our wallet section, after you found your preferred wallet you need to register and create account. After account is created you will need to verify your identity, email, phone, for identity verification you will need driving license or passport or any other document with your data.

When you will setup your wallet you will be available to convert money to crypto currencies, safe and easy.

How to buy with credit card?

1) Create profile.

Find your favorite bitcoin wallet provider and register there. Wallet will store your bitcoins and allow you to send, receive and will list your translations.

2) Verify profile (email, phone, identity)

After you have created account you will need to verify your email, phone and most exchange providers will ask you to verify your identity by submitting image of your passport or driving license. I will add note here, that people wont verify your summited document, but software will do it, so the verification process in fast and simple.

3) Buy bitcoins

After you have verified your identify you will be available to by bitcoins via wired transfer or credit card or some exchange companies will support paypal as well. It’s realy easy to buy bitcoins, hardest part is verifying. To buy any crypto currency you will need to visit “Buy” section and type in amount you will want to buy and click button buy, and the purchase will be instant and fast.

How to buy with PayPal?

If you prefer to buy bitcoin via paypal and you don't have a account yet, research that your selected wallet company provides this feature, because not all companies do. But worth to know is that using paypal you will receive larger fees.

Steps are the same as listed In section above, create profile, verify it and buy.

How to buy Bitcoin at ATM?

If you want to buy bitcoins via ATM’s check, there you will find nearest bitcoin ATM. Most bitcoin ATM works like cash in and bitcoin out, not the other way, so you will be available to buy bitcoin not to withdrawal it, to buy bitcoins via ATM you still need to have a wallet and address that will receive your sent coins.

How to buy Bitcoin person to person?

There are service that provides person to person bitcoin purchase service with some security features. You can register there and exchange bitcoins directly with other individuals that would like to sell it, there are some fees as well and of course verification process is required in most cases.

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