Best first cryptocurrency wallet

Best first cryptocurrency wallet

If you are new to cryptocurrency world and you want to start investing or trading with cryptocurrencies first thing you will need is your personal wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet is like your wallet that you keep in your pocket but in digital format, all your money will be stored on it.. There are lot of cryptocurrency wallet websites where you can host your wallet, but best wallet for beginners is Coinbase.

Why coinbase is best wallet for beginners?

Coinbase is best wallet for beginners because there is easy registration, fast validation process and Coinbase even supports basic exchange features so you can trade with BTC, ETH and LTC.

It will take you max 10 minutes to register on coinbase and setup your accoun so you could start trading or investing in cryptocurrencies.

Why to chouse coinbase as your first wallet.

  • More them 30 countries supported
  • 7.5M+ customers
  • 6.0B+ currency exchanged.
  • Mobile wallet for Andoid and iPhone
  • Understandable design for beginners
  • Fast transactions

So if you are interested to start investing or trading with cryptocurrencies or even just to take a look at cryptocurrencies you can use Coinbase as your first wallet and there will be no problems with your first cryptocurrency experience.

Use this link to register in Coinbase.
And we both will receive 10$ of free bitcoin for it.

Coinbase screenshots

Here are basic screenshots from coinbase user interface.

Coinbase screenshot
Coinbase screenshot
Coinbase screenshot